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What's NEW


February 16th, 2002

Well we've done some more recon to our website. We've added a few new things, and take some things out. Well lets start by saying what is now gone, well, we had for a short while the ability to talk to us live, but we were not feeling a need to continue that service, we've taken a lot out of the Team page, but we have redone it as well. You are now able to look at the current Roster list of team skitzo!  We have also added a new page to the recruits section, we have currently gained a new recruit, his name is derek van de vosse, check his page out, Spring. I think that is is, but feel free to look around the site even more anyways.

February 7th, 2002

Well we've had a few more updates, the Members Only section is now up and re running, with all new features, Be sure to check that out if you're part of team Skitzo. Charter almost Complete. Plenty of PB Vids now, well we hope to have most of them up, we have a few working right now. We've been quite busy planning our strategies for a tourney happening this summer. Be sure to sign up ahead of time competitors, we have signup sheets in our downloads section. Be sure to check that out.

January 22, 2002

a new e-mail service offered by us that is free, check it out.

January 18th, 2002

Well we have a few new things to our site, all the links are up and working, we are now just going to be doing internal page updates. Well if we have enough time, Skitzo is becoming quite busy planning for the new season of paint, 2002 Season. But, we won't let the site viewers down. If you have any suggestions, on what we should add to our pages, click the link below. For Now Bye and have fun playing this year.