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         Welcome to Team SkItZo's Website, we hope you enjoy paintball as much as we do, we are currently do some more recon to the site, so we hope you are able to navigate through the pages swiftly. If you have been a frequent visitor to our site, then you would know that we have tried a variety of interactive things, we have tried talk radio, live person chats, right of skitzo's main page. But as we have found out, where the ability to become interactive exists on the internet, it begins to cost money. But we are still looking.

Now for all those whom have never been here before, well to tell you the truth you're missing out on a lot. We give you info on tournaments, exhibition games, and many more right off our interface, you are the first to here about it after us. We have a great mailing list, we host our own e-mail service, so be sure to check all this out. We also talk about our members with great detail. So be sure to check out the members section. Oh, and if you're an avid paintball player in the some what good ol' NWT, be sure to contact us and let us know, we are always scouting for more players.

Here is a group picture of SkItZo.

-Sorry It isn't up yet- 

WE have been extremely busy planning for the new season.


Here is our Team Roster

Member Name

Nick Name

E-mail Address

Richard Walsh


Brian Sosiak


Dan Clarke

Hairy Nipples

Kevin Sosiak



Keith Dargo



Derek Van De Vosse