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One of the founders of the team, also a quick shot, and a good understudy, he has worked hard

 To build the team up from scratch, but he is willing to go all the way. A hint

 to all of his competitors, once you have spotted him, you're already dead.


---- Here is a little BIO he had prepared ----


I have been playing the fun and awesome sport of

Paintball since I was in grade nine, I convinced many friends

to join, AS many of my friends Convinced me. The coolest thing about

the WAY THAT this team was formed, was that We had made it while we were

 eating IN OUR Food Studies class one day at school.

Thanks Mrs. "C". What can I say sometimes class is boring?


Out of more fluke then luck, I was just asking Hughie Graham owner

Of  Splat Entertainment if he could post a message on his site to see if any others would

Join the team, when he asked if he could do some sort of sponsorship thing with our team.

Thanks again Hughie.


Right now I play with a Tippmann 98 Custom that I am upgrading, by May it will look like this, well hopefully, but prob not with Nitro.